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Tuesday, December 18, 2007 @ 6:10 PM


havent had the time to blog at all since my last post. busy with school, studying for exams, exams, meetings, training, practices.............

you've no idea how depressed i was while studying for exams cos my exmas were pretty much in the second week, while everyone ended theirs in the first week or the start of the second week. when i had my second paper, everyone was out of hall or overseas already! ): ): ): i was stuck in my room studying and wallowing in self pity.....

just ended steppers and dance camp last week. they were back to back and left me feeling superduper shagged. ughhh. went home with muscles, bruises and more bruises ):

into my holidays now but it's as good as not having any! grrrrrr. can only look forward to x'mas! :D

here's my xmas wishlist:

1. vouchers! from aldo, guess, topshop, taka etc etc etc
2. cash. hahaha. don't know what I want too luhs. hardly anytime to shop ):

dancesport competition's coming up soon. quite worried :X cross my fingers i don't screw up. exm results are gonna be released right after xmas too. i want to get at least a CAP of 4.0, nothing less!

sigh, im damn lazy to blog already :S

love, oli

Saturday, November 03, 2007 @ 7:48 PM

lots of stuff have taken place the past few weeks.

meetings, trainings, projects...
CULTURE NIGHT!, halloween!, PINK AND blue, Bizad night to the movies

have been having meetings for various comms, training for steppers, rehearsals for culturenight and a lot of projects to do!

damn tired.

but Culture Night was fun! hmms. all i did was to perform one dance item but the whole atmosphere of performing, the bag of nerves i had before performing etc made it all so enjoyable! :D (maybe it was just the cam whoring while waiting and after the perf :P) can check out facebook for the culturenight pics :)

went trick or treating too! haha.
OMG. we wore garbage bags over our heads and it was superduper stuffy luhs!!

are u able to tell which one is me? HAHAHA. we went around the blocks for a while and got quite a bit of food ! hahaha :D

PnB is madness. hahaha. woke up one morn with the toilet cubicles locked. a lot of stuff happened to different ppl in hall... i had three huge potted plants in front of my door one morning with my slippers hanging from the branches. later that evening, my mattress and a lot of my stuff was in front of the lift much to my horror!

watched Stardust last night for $4 a ticket! haha. my popcorn cost me $4.50! oh wells. it was quite a nice movie. there were parts when i was a little bored but some parts were waaaaaaaaay too sweet i cried. hahahahaha. the ending was a bit uhhhs...."what the hell?!" but it was still enjoyable (: haha

went down to SMU to see phyl and her exhibition! must say i am able to symphatize with glbs more. that aside, SMU's gym is damn huge! and their underground walkway felt like a dead citylink. hahaha. walked around the bazaar and stuff before making my way to vivo for stardust... finally got to see phyl! met char and a few others during my trip there too! yay :D

after stardust i made my way down to the prata house in thomson to meet ivy and christine! havent seen them in eons too!! sat there and talked for three hours til 1 sth am and as usual, we managed to malu ourselves somehow. HAHAHAH. anw, I LOVE THESE GIRLS! twas really enjoyable just hanging out with them! :D :D

hmmms. gotta go back to doing my work now :\ exams are in a month's time!

love, oli

Saturday, October 20, 2007 @ 12:24 PM


HAHAHA. ok i shall update now. been too busy to blog. still am very busy doing tutorials and projects.

Firstly, THANK YOU to my family, relatives and friends for all your angpaos and presents and smses and for celebrating my birthday! haha (: much appreciated and love!

culture night is coming up! been having dance practices throughout the week cos perf's coming thurs! i think our item's pretty awesome x) can't wait to perform again! but my back and whole body's aching and i feel super lethargic now :x

been having cheerleading pracs too. I AM A KR STEPPER. hahaha, if u guys watched ch8 last tues from 8-9pm, u would have caught my seniors on tv. haha. tried out a lot of stunts during pracs and OMG, they are quite scary to do. i finally managed to do a liberty after many many tries. and i feel bad for making the guys' wrists ache! :S

got into kr's bizcomm. i thnk i didnt do very well at the interview cos i said a lot of stupid stuff. HAHAHA! wanted to stab myself during the interview ok! haha

OH, i finally finished my OM term paper - the ten page monstrous shite that caused me late nights. slept at 4 plus last night to complete it. now ive got FOUR more projects to complete before i can forget about Pr*j***s. rawr

kkk. gtg for lunch now. byebyebyebye

love, oli

Thursday, September 27, 2007 @ 9:16 AM


halfway through recess week. recess week = study week.
got two mid terms coming up. luckily they're just mcqs and not written papers. got tonnes of tutorials and projects to finish up as well :\


there's nothing much to say cos life's been pretty mundane...

been having family gatherings over the past few weekends. just had a bbq last sat to celebrate my aunt and uncle's birthday.. they suddenly decided to celebrate theirs this yr. hahahaha

had maf celebration with C block on tuesday night. i didnt get to carry my lantern! we had a mooncake feast though. hahaha. i think i ate too many mooncakes :X the rest of the days were spent studying/eating/youtubing etc etc.

OH. ive got something exciting to say:


we were all going out for ice cream at dempsey hill's ben&jerry's. since the car couldnt fit all of us, i had to sit on zhebin's bike. hahaha. was pretty scared at first but it was pretty thrilling even though he didnt go very fast. haha!

anw, ben&jerry's on dempsey hill is super nice!!! the ambience and the decor was really good. great for chilling out! thanks to josh, we had a merlionster and two apple pies. superduper yummy (: (: (:

9.28am now. i woke up for breakfast this morning. and yesterday morning. cos zhuhui managed to wake me up :D might go back to sleep later. hahahaha! alrights, shall start studying !!!!


love, oli

Monday, September 10, 2007 @ 4:50 PM

busy busy busy.

school work and hall activities.

ibg has finally come to an end last friday! hahaha. C block did alright :) i must say our block's spirit's the best among all the blocks in kr! yay. C block, i heart <3

been trying to catch up with school work. loads of tutorials and tonnes of readings. it takes me one whole night to finish reading one chapter before i can start on my tutorial which will take me another day. and ive SO many tutorials you can imagine how much time i spend doing my hw. gahhhhhh

mid term break's coming soon too. which means my mid term papers are coming up as well :\

anyways, i got into KR Dance and Steppers. gonna be dancing nonstop with latin dance classes to attend as well...

hahaha. im pretty lazy to update actually. shall try to decorate my room further and sleep before dinner. haha


love, oli

Saturday, August 25, 2007 @ 6:17 PM


woke up at 7 plus, 8-ish for bball trg today. omg. shagged luhs. and the sun was scorching ! played til abt 9 plus and left at ten sth. did my laundry and....... CLEANED MY ROOM. hahahaha ! great sense of achievement cos the room felt really clean after that. i sweeped the floor and mopped the floor with a rag! got rid of a lot of dust. hohoho :D

here's how my room looks like...

bought the quilt cover and pillowcase set from ikea for $9.90 only ! (: and i've two elmos, vases with flowers i koped from rag, a balloon flower, a bouquet of (now dried) flowers and gifts ! i koped the stars which they used fordeco during formal dinner from our kr dining hall (: (: (:

this is my desk. haha. a lot of wires ! havent thought of a way to cover them up.. i brought hello kitties to deco my table. hahaha ! i havent done any work on my desk yet ! brought my tutorials home to do actually :S too many activities in hall

i need to be a chao mugger soon. i shall try to pay more attn during lects and try to do my tutorials diligently. I WILL TRY.

anyway, had C blk initiation last night. it was quite fun! hahaha. the seniors kept squirting water at us, kajiao-ing us and making us eat funny stuff. all these while we were blindfolded. then we had to jump. hahah. jump from what we thought was the second storey. but..... HAHAHA. they made us jump from a table while we were blindfolded and we thought we were jumping from the 2nd floor instead. got to see the rest of the ppl "jump"after our turn. haha. damn funny!

had 933GoldenPillow and brownies&ice-cream for supper. super yummy ! prob the best supper we've had. haha. tell u how i ate: scoop a piece of brownie, scoop half a mouthful of ice cream, put the brownie into my mouth and immediately eat the ice cream with the brownie! super heavenly! :D

alrights, gotta do tutorials soon :\

love, oli

Friday, August 24, 2007 @ 4:38 PM


havent been updating cos i had neither the time or energy to do so ):

really superduper shagged from everything that has been taking place since hall life and school started. ive been sleeping between 2plus-4 am every "night", skipping breakfast cos i wake up just in time for lunch and school. and i have been eating supper !! OMG. haha. cheese prata, chicken naan, cheese fries, chips and lots of teh ping !

lectures can get pretty boring. the content in the lecture notes are somewhat self explanatory at times too. that, and the tiredness of everything makes me just wna sleep and sleep and sleep.


anw, star to burst, formal dinner, jam n hop have finally all come to an end. we're still in the midst of ibg now though. ibg trg starts at 6plus, 7 ish in the morn on some days?!?! and we have two to three trg sessions back to back and have dinner at 11 or 12 sth. can see why i'm so shagged now eh. but trg sessions can be quite fun la. get to play and try new sports. i played floorball last night til 12 after latindance. omg, floorball's frigging fun! (alliteration!) ive got an orh-ceh cos i kena whacked by gimsen though :\

alright. shall let the pics do the talking

star to burst ! did a hiphop item in my gold mondo heels ! couldnt dance properly :x

formal dinner - conclusion to the dating game :)

photo-taking in the lobby after the movie license to wed.


val at jam n hop, bizad's pageant semis. and nuans!

love, oli